write title?

The title page is the first thing the teacher sees when accepting work from the student’s hands. As you know, the first impression is largely defining, which means that the quality of your essay people will be judged by the cover – the title page.

What information does the title page carry? He will tell you about the type of work, the chosen topic, the name and surname of the student who performed the essay, the year, city of writing, information about the teacher who accepted the job.

Let us consider in more detail what information is written on the title page in order to be able to issue it correctly in the future.

How to write an essay correctly?

The title page of the essay contains the name of the Ministry, which oversees the work of the higher education institution of the student.
It is also necessarily present the name of the higher education institution, during training in which the student wrote the essay.

It is necessary to write the name of the department where the discipline is taught, the study of which required the writing of this particular essay.
It is necessary to indicate the type of work “Abstract” and the discipline in which it had to be written and correctly executed.
The most important information on the title page is the name of the selected and researched topic.

No less important data is the information about the student who has passed the essay, who has accepted the job as a teacher.
To finalize the title page correctly, do not forget to write the year, the city of implementation and delivery of the student project.

Unfortunately, at the moment a clear and, most importantly, is not written, how to properly issue a title page on economics

Therefore, this case will have to cope independently. There are two ways to do this:

The first option is to open the guidelines for writing and design diploma or term papers. They contain not only the requirements of how to arrange correctly the list of references, titles of chapters, figures or tables, but also a sample of the title page of the finance of enterprises. Copy the template, make changes to the type of work and discipline, enter information about yourself, teachers and the title page is ready!

Option number two

Begin by framing the page. Go to the menu item “Page Layout”, set there the desired values.
Select a font. According to GOST, the text should be correctly written in 14 size Times New Roman. Therefore, from the list of fonts offered by a text editor, you should always choose this one. It is forbidden to write anything in upper or lower case, change text colors or use markers.

Remember that when you make a title page is never numbered!
Write the top cap, where you need to specify the ministry in charge of the work of your school, and the full name of the university. Use single spacing. Sometimes it is allowed to write the name of the ministry in letters. Next, make one indent and specify the name of your department.

Perform properly design the middle of the sheet. Make a slight indent and write in bold in capital letters in the center the word “Abstract”. Next, we again skip the line, indicating that the work is being done “according to the discipline (name)”. On the new line, indicate that the essay is done “on the topic”, put a colon, specify it.

On the right you need to provide data about the student. This is usually the last name and initials, course and group. As for the teacher, it is enough to write his surname, initials, scientific degree, if available.
At the very bottom of the center, specify the city where the institution of higher education is located, and even lower – the year of the student project delivery.

Format the text so that it is evenly distributed on the page, changing the distance between the blocks of information